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Refugee Youths are the 2021 National Champions of MOS and ACA

31/12/21, 21:00

Despite substantial obstacles of living, studding and taking the certification test in Kakuma Refugee Camp, they’re able to leverage their certification skills in a high-pressure environment. Their Microsoft and Adobe certifications and success in this competitive event will be their first step to a successful career.

The 2021, Kenya National Online Championship awards on Microsoft Office Specialist -MOS and Adobe Certified Associate ACA wrapped in November 2021. More than 27,000 entrants between the ages of 13 and 22 qualified for the MOS and ACA National Online Championship by earning a MOS and ACA certifications to achieve winning honors, winners needed to earn a top score, with elapsed time completing the exam as a tie breaking factor.

iEARN Youth beneficiaries of Pathfinder program (in collaboration with JRS and UNHCR) emerged top in Kenya. They as follows:

The national champions for the 2021 Adobe Certified Associate(ACA) National top 5 - all from iEARN and from the refugee Camp.

  1. JOHN ANTHONY - Position 1

  2. NYAMAL MAMUTH  position 2

  3. BRUK FASIL position 3

  4. MANURA HUSSEIN position 4

  5. SIEM BERHE Position 5

The national champions for the 2021 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) National Championship in Kenya: top 2

  1. NYAMAL MAMUTH Position 1

  2. BRUK FASIL Position 3

The above top students represented Kenya at the World Championship that was held virtual due to COVID19 regulations. At the global championship level, the top ACA students we able to create designated design projects for a chosen nonprofit client.

1st place at the World championship was awarded USD 7000, a trophy, Winner’s Certificate, Other prizes provided by Microsoft, Adobe and a medal of achievement . Second place: USD3,500 and third place USD1500.

Congratulation to the iEARN Institute of creative technologies, Certiport Proctors from iEARN and the partners(JRS, UNHCR)

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