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Continuing Teacher Professional Development

iEARN offers competency based Continuing Professional Development, Mentorship, Orientation and Support program that aims to develop the capacity of the existing and prospective school leaders/ educators/teachers

The focus is on enhancing and sustaining a technology-driven and Service or Project-based Transformative Learning, Social & Emotional Intelligence and effectively managing Teacher professional Burnout. Besides, the program aims at enhancing the professional teaching standards by benching making with the global or international standards. The goal is to establish a coherent and integrated set of conditions to support the adoption of innovative teaching, learning and leadership. The outcome is a school culture that offers a common vision of innovation as well as consistent support to teachers and leaners during the CBC implementations. Educators need to make informed choices relating to pedagogical approach, students’ needs and learning outcomes in order to deliver an impactful competency based instructions.
This therefore, calls for professional development program that involves the active engagement of the educators, particularly in practicing the use of technology to help learners develop all kinds of skills - from the basic problem solving, collaboration, innovation to the higher-order critical thinking ones.

Objectives of the program
• To enable teachers become competent in innovatively employing the tools of technology to support the Competency Based Curriculum and thereby achieve enhanced personalization of learning activities and skills to the learners.
• Provide engaging career development for teachers and keep them up-to-date with training on the latest EdTech topics including cloud computing in education, AI in education, big data, digital citizenship and Social Emotional Intelligence.
• To enhance ICT competencies and confidence among teachers.
• To give an insight on a series of tools available from partners and stakeholders that implicitly support creative learning and innovative teaching.
• To enhance participants’ information literacy, 21st century skills, Internet research skills and pedagogical skills.

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