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Innovation Masterclasses

Learner-centered hands-on sessions, having fun, exposing the next generation to creativity and design thinking skills in Coding, Blogging, Digital visual Arts, Virtual Reality, Game Design, Photography, 2D &3D Animation, IoT, Robotics, Web design, Tech-preneurship and Power skills.

After careful examination and analysis of current trends in education and industry 4.0, IEARN KENYA , has embarked on a collaborative implementation of a comprehensive program that connects and empowers young people in your school with practical innovation, creativity skills, and learning opportunities that guarantee them:
(a) a successful transition into technology-enabled careers,
(b) secure and sustainable livelihood and
(c) improved individual competitiveness, transforming them into people who are willing to take collaborative action in their communities to effect change.

The ultimate goal of iNNOVATION Masterclasses initiative, is to give each of the participating young person, the opportunity of using cross-disciplinary knowledge to solve real world problems in the pursuit of learning as a means to self-fulfillment; improving
the adoption of Service and Project Based Learning, promoting creativity and innovation and inspiring them to discover and pursue IT related careers and opportunities. The outcome is a school culture that offers a common vision of innovation as well as consistent support to teachers and young people.

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