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My Digital World

My Digital World Program is a Meta's program aimed at helping users to responsibly and safely navigate the digital world, so that they can take full benefit of what the internet has to offer.

As many people across Africa come to Facebook every day to interact with their peers, family and the wider community, it becomes increasingly important for them to understand how to navigate responsibly in the digital space. It is also important to have a balance between having a digital space to express themselves, and promoting a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.

My Digital World program was Originally launched in June 2020, My Digital World is a digital literacy program which is accessible across Sub-Saharan Africa, designed to provide the general public with the skills needed to navigate digital spaces safely and responsibly.

The program is divided into six pillars:
1. Introduction to digital learning
2. Digital foundations
3. Digital wellness
4. Digital engagement
5. Digital empowerment
6. Digital opportunities

1. Introduction to Digital Learning:
Demonstrating to learners what the internet is, identifying information that can be shared over the internet, determining various methods for accessing information online, and identifying the benefits, roles, and responsibilities of digital citizenship.

2. Digital Foundations:
Teaching learners how to leverage tools to protect their digital devices and their personal information online, as well as that of others.

3. Digital Wellness:
Supporting learners’ ability to engage with others (both individuals and the larger collective) online in empathic and positive ways, protect their physical and mental health, and explore their identities.

4. Digital Engagement:
Helping learners develop executive functioning, critical thinking, and the skills needed to evaluate and share media and information online, as well as engage with different cultures and contexts.

5. Digital Empowerment:
Helping learners use technology and social media to create positive change and better opportunities for themselves, their communities, and the world.

6. Digital Opportunities:
Preparing learners to create the next wave of technology and succeed in their careers and pathways.

Outcomes of the project activities
The training was implemented by 12 trainers.
The trainers were supported by moderators and a technical team from IEARN Kenya.
The following platforms were used:
- Zoom
- Microsoft teams.
In order to attend our next My Digital World Session, Kindly click the following link to learn more and access the registration form:

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